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With 1 Tiny Pill

  • Targets the cause of discomfort
  • Works fast in just 1 week
  • More mobility & flexibility

If you're suffering...

From needless joint aches and stiffness, you're not alone. But it doesn't have to be that way. Not anymore!

We're taking joint relief to a whole new level

The all-new, fast-acting Instaflex Advanced can deliver powerful relief you never thought was even possible.

And to celebrate, we're giving away complimentary 2-week samples of Instaflex Advanced to people just like you to try it out and see how your new joints feel. You simply won't believe it!

We took the #1 top-selling joint formula at GNC and supercharged it.

Instaflex Advanced is a newer, more advanced formula than the original Instaflex, and contains powerful key ingredients that work so fast, all you need is just 1 tiny pill a day to start feeling relief in 1 week.

Now maybe you've tried traditional glucosamine and chondroitin supplements before -OR- are even using one now and just haven't gotten the kind of results you expected. Glucosamine can still help with long-term joint repair, but there are new discoveries like UC-II collagen and AprèsFlex® with substantial clinical evidence backing their effectiveness.

Instaflex Advanced uses the newest ingredients like these to not only provide relief that's incredibly fast, it's also twice as effective as other products using old-fashioned glucosamine plus chondroitin.

And we're giving away 14-day samples right now.

Stop living with sore joints. Find soothing comfort with Instaflex Advanced!

It doesn't matter if you're suffering from an old injury or if you're just getting older, bad joints can affect almost every aspect of your life.

Over the years, movement wears, tears, and impairs the physical structure and function of joints. All of a sudden you can't do the things you want to because it hurts too much.

Let me ask you this:

Do you have a hard time getting in and out of bed?

Is it a struggle just to climb up and down stairs?

If you can't do the normal activities you're used to… then you need to do something about it…

And this is your chance!

You too can experience a whole new advanced level of relief.

They found relief... NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

  • Very Impressed!

By Marcia H.
"I am very impressed with the product. I have told several people about it, and I would like to get a trial supply for a friend. I have been using a cane for a couple of years. This past Saturday, I did not need it all the time. I am still using with steps. I am anxious to see more improvement as I continue to use Instaflex Advanced.”

  • What A Great Product!

By Bob B.
"I have been using this product for about 2.5 months and have the company send me a new bottle every 30 days. I used the “Willow Curve” before I discovered Instaflex/Advanced, but was not getting the relief that I needed. Now I am just taking Instaflex first thing in the morning. What a great product! I am able to play golf again, and am able to power through additional yardage because I am not favoring sore knees."

  • I Love This!

By Virginia S.
"Yes, I want to keep taking it. My knees haven't hurt since I've had it into my system. I have tried everything that comes along for them. This seems to be doing the job. "

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