Scientists Were Shocked When They Found This Extraordinary Joint Soother

In the age of modern medicine, groundbreaking discoveries are made every so often about one area of the human body that seems to give out too early. Our joints. Even to this day, the fact remains that as people age, all the wear and tear on knees and other joints really takes a toll on life. One day you wake up and realize you can’t enjoy any of the activities you used to love. Sound familiar?

First of all, it’s not your fault. What your doctor hasn’t told you is that…

Although the wear is normal, certain rare ingredients have been shown to have a profound effect on helping boost joint function, as well as increasing the mobility (and comfort) that seems to have slipped away.

One particular combination of ingredients was recently uncovered as nature’s secret weapon.

By mixing a potent form of collagen known to scientists as UC-II with a high-dose Boswellia serrata called ApresFlex, amazing things begin to happen. Several clinical studies on these ingredients show that they can target and counteract sore, achy joints. The science shows this:

  • 2x stronger than glucosamine plus chondroitin
  • Joints feel better in just 1 week
  • Results continue to grow for 90 days!

So let me ask you this: If there was a way to live more comfortably, get up and down stairs easier, and get back to the things you miss doing, wouldn’t you give it a try? You’re probably thinking something that could do all this must involve doctors and big medical bills. Maybe you’ve tried to ignore the discomfort and tough it out, but there’s got to be a better way.

Now there is. This special combination of ingredients is only found in Instaflex Advanced, GNC’s top-selling joint formula. One thing you can’t find in stores is the chance to try before you buy. See if you qualify for a 14-day sample by answering a few questions below:

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