4 Ways to Remember to Take Your Joint Supplement

The most common reason people don't take their supplements is they simply forget to. While you have the best intentions to improve your joint health, it's easy to fall off your supplement routine when you're not used to taking them.

But to get the relief you need for your aching joints, you need to take your Instaflex Advanced® daily and consistently. Taking it here and there won't provide as powerful a benefit. Consider these tips to help you remember to take your supplement every day and make it a habit!

Utilize Your Trial Insert

Your Instaflex Advanced® trial comes with a 14-day challenge insert that includes a day-by-day checklist to remind you to take your supplement and to help you track your improvement. Display this insert somewhere where you will see it and remember to use it, such as on the refrigerator, at your work desk, or next to your toothbrush.

Check the appropriate box every day when you've taken your supplement. Doing this for the entire 14-day trial period will help you get in the habit of taking your joint reliever every day. You can even create your own daily checklist to continue reminding yourself to take it and to record your progress after the trial has ended.

Set an Alert

Create a calendar alert on your phone to remind you when it's time to take your supplement. You can set it up so that you are alerted at the same time every day. You also may be able to sync the phone calendar alert with your email for an additional reminder.

Use a Pill Box— And Keep It Visible

If you take multiple supplements, such as Instaflex Advanced®, Super Turmeric, and Bone Support, then you could benefit from using a pillbox. A weekly pillbox has a compartment for each day of the week. This will visually remind you to take your supplements, as well as prevent double doses.

Keep your pillbox someplace where you can see it, such as on your bedroom dresser or work desk. Avoid storing your supplements in the bathroom or kitchen, due to the temperature and humidity.

Keep an Extra Bottle at Work

When you're rushing in the morning to get to work, there may be days that you leave the house without taking your supplement. In this case, it's beneficial to have an extra bottle at work so that you stay consistent with your daily regimen.

With these tips, you can develop a steady supplement routine and be on your way to healthier joints.