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Here at Instaflex, we're happy to provide reviews from real users, just like you! Many of our Instaflex customers were searching for a safe, effective and doctor-formulated supplement to joint support. We strive to provide the highest quality ingredients and customer service to all our customers. You can meet actual users through these reviews below or try an Instaflex Advanced Sample for yourself!

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I have enjoyed great relief
May 29, 2016

Since trying this product for the first time, I have enjoyed the great relief from my knee discomfort and would recommend anyone suffering from knee discomfort at least give it a try."

- Daniel R.

Impressed with the relief
March 2, 2016

Have been impressed with the relief I have experienced since I started taking the Instaflex Advanced 3 months ago. Discomfort has lessened and my range of motion has greatly improved."

- Mary Jo R.

Can’t believe it
January 10, 2016

I can't believe how well this works, I have been using it for 3 months. This has truly helped; I am so glad I gave this a try."

- Barb

It really works!
January 8, 2016

Instaflex is a great remedy for knee discomfort. I highly recommend it to all."

- Musleh

Amazing pills
December 10, 2015

I am now walking almost normally. I definitely would recommend that anyone with knee discomfort give it a try. The only reason I did not give it a 5* is because each jar has only 14 capsules and I would like to have a month's supply and not have to order every two weeks."

- Fran

This product works very well
September 22, 2015

This product works great for my knee, better than the many other products that I have tried. I could tell a very noticeable difference in flexibility and lack of stiffness in my knee in less than a week of taking one capsule a day."

- Delores

This product works very well
September 22, 2015

This product works great for my knee, better than the many other products that I have tried. I could tell a very noticeable difference in flexibility and lack of stiffness in my knee in less than a week of taking one capsule a day."

- Delores

Five Stars
August 29, 2015

Works very good! The best I have ever had for joint discomfort!!"

- Rex W.

I recommend it to prevent surgery
August 26, 2015

I have been taking Instaflex Advanced and I no longer wear my knee support. I have been taking it one week today, I recommend it. No more knee discomfort and my feet and legs don't swell like they use too."

- Adrianna S.

Less discomfort
August 23, 2015

I have been taking the Advanced Instaflex for a couple of months. I am having less discomfort and walking much better without knee supports! I love this product and will continue to take it. A large quantity and less expensive would be great. Also, love the fact of one pill daily."

- Marsha T.

Works as advertised!
August 22, 2015

Was recommended to me and I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say it works. I run a lot and my knee soreness has disappeared as has general muscle tightness Highly recommend!"

- David R.

Will continue!
August 9, 2015

I have a job that really puts stress on my knees and my knees don't have much cartilage left. My chiropractor recommend Instaflex since I have bad consequences when I take any of the glucosamine pills. I noticed within a week less discomfort in my knees. I've been taking them for 3 weeks at this point and plan on continuing."

- Roz

Walking without discomfort!
July 28, 2015

I have tried this product for 2 months now and am totally thrilled with the results I am having. I gave this a try. I will continue purchasing this product. Wish it were a little less expensive though."

- AC

Really happy with the new formula
July 21, 2015

I've had discomfort in my knees, elbows and shoulders for several years. I used the original formula and was pleasantly surprised by the results to my knees, so I'm really happy with the new formula because I get the same relief while taking one tablet instead of three."

- David R. Lutz

59 years young
May 10, 2015


- Brenda B.

I used Glucosamine Chon/MSM for years with absolutely NO results/relief. I bought a bottle of Instaflex in April ... and I had relief. ... I live on the 3rd floor of my condo and have had to go up/down the stairs one at a time for years. My sister was visiting and we came home and I climbed the stairs normally and didn't even realize it until I reached the top. I turned around with my mouth open to look at my sister - who also had her mouth open. I gave some pills to her to (who has worse than me.) She also noticed how it worked for her too. It's been a dream come true. This stuff really worked/works (for me)."

- Laurel, CO

I've been using Instaflex for several months now and have gotten terrific relief of my joints. I've recommended it's use to many who are also using it with great results. Thank you!"

- Woody, CA

My knees were so bad in fact that after being seated for a period of time or upon waking, I absolutely couldn't walk immediately. I have tried supplements before but when my brother brought me a bottle of Instaflex - BAM, BAM! I have tried to take the doses as specified since I began taking Instaflex about 4 weeks ago. In the last 5 days, I can report that my knees are improved. I will certainly continue taking Instaflex and will recommend to all my friends. I am indeed a satisfied customer who once was very "kneedy" of help!"

- Martha, NC

Coaching for almost 40 years had taken a toll on both my knees. However, after taking Instaflex supplements for the past few months my knees are much improved. I have more flexibility!"

- Jim Morris, Retired Baseball Coach

I could tell that this stuff is working. I am amazed! I have had a bad shoulder for over 40 years. I have already purchased my next several months worth at the nearest GNC store in Huntington Beach Ca."

- Walt, CA

I had been living in third world conditions since 2001 and moved to Washington in January 2011. My health and ability to move had degraded to the point I was no longer able to do the things necessary to survive in the desert, such as chop wood and haul water. OK, so, I was crawling up the stairs in my new home most of the time and at best pulling myself up using the railings and my cane when I started taking Instaflex. I did have to wait for the Instaflex to kick in but after that I just used the railing for support. I CAN MOVE! I can not say I am free but I CAN say, INSTAFLEX fixed that part! And because I can scoot around freely my mind set is so much better.

I also want to compliment everyone I have talked to on the phone when calling INSTAFLEX. Each person has been sweet, kind, encouraging and helpful and I always hang up with a smile on my face! I would really like to transmit how much it means to someone like me to have a pleasant conversation while tending business. You are all life savers."

- Teresa, D.C.

I just want you to know how wonderful it is to be using Instaflex. I've been using it now for some time and wouldn't want to be without it. Thanks so much for the wonderful help and the difference it makes. I have been telling people about it now for a while and they all seem interested in it. Thanks again."

- Frances Harrell

I used various types of Chondroitin & Glucosamine to help with the discomfort but with little results. After InstaFlex, I am training for three 5K's over the next two months. I look forward to being a customer for a long, long time!!"

- Denis, NC

I have had knee problems since 1995, especially the left knee. Exercise helps, but there is a thin line between the right amount and too much. If I overdid it, I’d be set back for a couple of months--very discouraging! I noticed a difference, so I signed up for the regular shipment program after I had finished the sample. I have greater flexibility after 3 months of use! Thanks for putting this on the market!"

- Taza, AZ

I tried the sample of Instaflex to see if was all it claimed to be. I am a 51 year old male I had limited use of my left knee. It was hard to do any activities requiring me to bend my left knee to work, climb stairs, ladders etc. I started taking Instaflex and there was an improvement to my left knee. I can bend it and use it better than before. I've even noticed an improvement to my shoulders. While Instaflex cannot cure my ailments, it has made a definite improvement to my everyday way of life. I've tried different remedies for joint issues and none have had the effect that Instaflex has made. My future activities were looking pretty bleak. I firmly believe Instaflex is going to continue to improve my activities greatly, hopefully. Thanks Instaflex, I will continue to use the product, and of course, will continue seeing my doctor."

- Robin, TX

I am writing to let you know how great your product is. I have worked on houses most of my adult life--Working my hands and constant use with hanging sheetrock and painting. While I was taking Instaflex, my mobility is greatly increased. I am now feeling so good, I may be able to add remodeling to my job search, since I have recently lost my field inspection clients.

I am very grateful I found your product. It has truly been a blessing on my life, and now my wife has started taking it."

- Brian, MI

I have been suffering for 7 years now. I've went to every specialty doctor that was available and they were always pushing pills. I received some temporary relief on occasion, but never felt rejuvenated. One evening while looking at the weather on the Internet, my local TV station had an advertisement for Instaflex. I was hesitant on clicking on the link thinking that it was some hoax. After reading the details and some thinking I decided to try it -- well worth the chance of feeling better.

Every morning I have been taking my Instaflex . I look back at all I have suffered from and wonder why it took me so long to find Instaflex and with something that works this great how come doctors aren't aware of Instaflex."

- Crystal, OK

I have been on Instaflex. I have not been able to walk, bend, lift, sit, etc. I started Instaflex the day it arrived, and TODAY, for the first time in almost a year, I am free!!! I have tried everything, you name it I have tried it. It usually takes me 30 mins to get out of bed, go to the rest room, and then lay on the couch. Today I got straight out of bed, went to the bathroom, down the stairs, back up the stairs and sat on the couch!!! I have had tears of joy this morning. I want to run, jump, ride my horse, walk, you name it. I cannot tell you how good I feel. Like a new person."

- Christa, TN

I have been taking Instaflex for approximately three months and I cannot believe how wonderful I feel."

- Ginger, NJ

I am very surprised at the way these pills help me to walk better! Your pills help and allow me to bend my legs easier! Thank you so much!"

- Steven, WI

I found and asked for a trial of your Instaflex Joint Support product. I was simply AMAZED! My range of motion was returning, It is simply astonishing! I have tried many other herbal remedies and none have even come CLOSE to your product! I wanted to tell you folks that your Joint Support mix WORKS and it works very WELL!

Thank You! I may have a chance to return to a regular life soon!"

- Tracy, NH

Last September, I guess due to a mid-life evaluation, I decided to commit to an official Ironman Triathlon. I applied for the 2010 Lake Placid Ironman. This gave me 1 full year to train and get in shape. My biggest obstacle to completing such a goal, was my knee problems that I was just going to put-up with for one year. I started my training, and of course the knee became unbearable. I trained for a few more weeks and decided was too much and I would have to abandon my Ironman goal.

One day I was on the computer and came across your advertisement of Instaflex. I figured I couldn't lose and ordered your product. After Instaflex, my training plans were back in motion. I continued the hard training regimen for the rest of the year!!!!!!

I am happy to report that on July 25, 2010, at age 49, I became an official 'Ironman' at lake Placid New York. I could not have completed such a goal without your product!"

- Tim, NY

As a martial artist and stuntman, I lead a very active life. I had almost considered retiring, until I started taking Instaflex. Thank you very much for making what I do for a living a lot easier. Now, at 44, I have no intention leaving the profession I love!"

- Cal Simmons, FL

I am a 58 year old woman. By evening, I had a hard time getting up from a chair and was literally hobbling around. It was really interfering with my quality of life. I saw your product info and ordered.

Needless to say I have tried all kinds of supplements with no success. I had visited my doctor, who told me to put ice on the joints. Can you imagine putting ice bags on your shoulders, knees and hips every night? I am very vocal when something doesn't work. I really didn't think I'd find anything and had just accepted it. What an amazing thing it is."

- Deborah, CA

This product works great...My husband is a senior citizen, Disable American Veteran...the first product that's ever worked for my husband. ... I am totally blown away with your service and kindness, as a former businesswoman of 25+ years I haven't experienced anything like this since the last century! I am part of a huge, yet intimate and personal, church community and you can count on lots and lots of referrals. Your kindness to us will not be forgotten and we'll not only refer your company but we'll pray for all of you. I was afraid people like you weren't around anymore."

- Michelle, CO

Instaflex has made such an impression on me, that I recommend this product without any hesitation. I am a registered nurse and have been a nurse for 40 years. Four months ago I noticed my left knee that progressively got worse. I also tap dance and have a very active job. I saw Instaflex advertised and called. I cannot express enough what your product has done for my quality of life. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to tell my story."

- Elaine Tuttle, MA

For many years I was the captain of the U. S. women's soccer team. At the end of my career I suffered. I tried just about everything to get relief. Finally, thanks to Instaflex, I'm now able to be active in sports – and keep up with my two young kids."

- Carla Overbeck