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Dr. Katz Clinic is an online space where visitors like you can learn about all aspects of optimal joint health as you age. Through videos and blog posts, Dr. David Katz takes you behind the scenes into a world most people will never know about.

You'll discover promising clinical evidence on the latest cutting-edge ingredients, Frequently Asked Questions about Instaflex, the best stretches and exercises to stay flexible for life, and alarming statistics of joint conditions that are driving new breakthroughs like Instaflex Advanced.

As founder and director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, David L. Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight control, health challenge prevention, and integrative medicine.

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cold weather joint defense

Cold Weather Joint Defense

Dr. David Katz helps you defend your joints from the cold with practical advice for optimal joint health.

science behind the supplement

Instaflex Advanced: The Science Behind the Supplement

In another intriguing episode of Dr. Katz Clinic, you'll hear about the powerful, cutting-edge joint ingredients chosen for Instaflex Advanced AND all the clinical science that supports this breakthrough supplement.

questions and answers

Dr. Katz Answers Your Questions

Gain insight into all those things about Instaflex Advanced you've always wondered. This episode centers on Dr. Katz answering the most frequently asked questions from customers.

daily habits for healthier joints

Daily Habits for Healthier Joints

You know how agonizing joint discomfort can be. The aches and soreness make performing simple tasks difficult and unbearable, and can even keep you from doing the things you love most.

4 ways to remember to take your joint supplement

4 Ways to Remember to Take Your Joint Supplement

The most common reason people don't take their supplements is they simply forget to. While you have the best intentions to improve your joint health, it's easy to fall off your supplement routine when you're not used to taking them.

healthy recipes for your summer cookout

Healthy Recipes For Your Summer Cookout

Summer is the season for cookouts, but unfortunately the classic barbeque menu doesn't benefit your joints, much less your waistline. Typical cookout foods, like greasy burgers, mayo-heavy side dishes, and sugary, high-calorie desserts, may trigger joint aches and tenderness.