Dr. Katz Helps Formulate the NEW Instaflex Advanced

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Hello, I’m Dr. David Katz and proud to serve as Chief Medical Advisor to Adaptive Health, makers of Instaflex Advanced.

In subsequent videos you’ll hear me talk about other products as well, but for today I want to focus on Instaflex Advanced.

But first just a bit about my relationship with this company. I was invited in as Chief Medical Advisor by a company that really is interested in my advice, and that makes this a really meaningful relationship to me.

I was invited in at ground level to help with product formulation, to help review the relevant science and literature, to make sure the components of products are reliably safe and evidence-based in the terms of the promise of therapeutic effects. We put Instaflex Advanced together exactly that way.

This product includes, for example, a highly concentrated form of boswellia serrata known as AprèsFlex® and we have data to show that many people experience joint relief in as little as 1 week from just this component alone.

But what we really want to do is create a product where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts—working along multiple pathways—so we also included UC-II® collagen. Now this works in ways similar to glucosamine and chondroitin but the evidence we have suggests that it works more reliably and is much more effective.

The other advantage of UC-II collagen is that people who have a shellfish allergy can’t take glucosamine or chondroitin often but can take UC-II collagen.

But then we were thinking outside the box. And although many of the components of Instaflex Advanced are targeted to the joint, a general health promotion effect can also be beneficial, so we included Resveratrol. Now you may have heard of this in the context of its anti-aging properties, but it’s really a potent antioxidant that protects all cells.

And then, just to give you some sense of the innovative thinking here—the combination of good science with good sense—we included a derivative of pepper. And it’s not that pepper has a specific effect on the joints, but pepper has an effect on the other components of the product, increasing their levels in the blood so the body can put them to better use.

This is how we put together Instaflex Advanced and what it represents is the nature of the interaction between me and Adaptive Health really working together to review innovative ideas about product formulations based on new studies and the published literature to empower you with new options for effective self-care.

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