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Hello, I'm Dr. David Katz. And today, it's my pleasure to answer some questions that have been sent in regarding Instaflex Advanced.

The first is "What's the difference between Instaflex Advanced and the original Instaflex formula?" And the simple obvious answer is the new one is more advanced. But, I can do a little bit better than that. The new formulation contains UC-II® collagen, which is a unique undenatured form of collagen that provides support for joint structure and AprèsFlex®, which is a unique form of Boswellia Serrata. These replace Willow Bark Extract in the original formula and Glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine is derived from shellfish and so one particular issue there is people with shellfish allergies can't take that. Both products are available. Both products contain great combinations of ingredients. But frankly, we think the new product really is at the cutting-edge for joint support and therefore is more advanced.

Second question was "How does Instaflex Advanced work to provide relief for people who suffer with joint symptoms and to enhance ability?" Well, there are a number of mechanisms that impact joint health. If you combine ingredients that are safe and that work along these different pathways, you can maximize support. So, UC-II collagen is to provide support directly to joint structure. So really, combination of ingredients working across the spectrum of pathways to optimize joint health and ability.

Third question was "What makes Instaflex Advanced better/differentiates it from other products on the market?" Well, it is unique in providing this undenatured form of collagen, UC-II collagen, which studies suggest is directly supportive to joint structure as other products are not. And again, what really is unique is the overall formulation of Instaflex Advanced where we've got Resveratrol and we've got UC-II collagen and we've got Boswellia … we've got a combination of ingredients, including an extract of black pepper to enhance the uptake of these other ingredients, that are just put together in an uniquely thoughtful, powerful, complementary way where each element in this formulation supports the other.

Fourth question is "What are the benefits of long-term, continuous use?" Well, potentially there is fairly quick relief with Instaflex Advanced. But, the available data suggests that that relief continues to improve mobility, joint ability continues to improve for a full 90 days. We don't have data going out further than that. But, because of the way this product is intended to act, supporting joint structure and so forth … logically, one would think the benefits would actually continue to increase over time. So, really, we're looking for that. Both quick relief because people who are suffering from joint symptoms now, want relief right away. But, on the other hand, if you're directly targeting the mechanisms that are interfering with joint function, you can anticipate continued benefit over time and accumulate benefit over time.

And finally for today, the fifth question sent is was "Is it safe to take this product with other medications and supplements?" Now as a physician, the best answer for me to give any individual about that is check with your doctor because they're actually online indexes that can be used to check for interactions between drugs and drugs, supplements and supplements, supplements and drugs. And these days, most physicians have access to those. So really, the safest thing to do because of course, there are new medications all the time and you could be taking something I've never even heard of by the time you get this video. So the safest thing to do is to check your specific list of supplements and medications against the ingredients in Instaflex Advanced. But, here's the good news, the ingredients in Instaflex Advanced are extremely safe and to the best of my knowledge, don't have adverse interactions with any other supplements or with any drugs. So almost certainly safe. But this kind of advice is always best individualized, so check with your doctor. Well, I'm sure there will be more questions, but that's it for today. So until next time, this is Dr. David Katz wishing you well.

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