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Introducing Instaflex Advanced - 02.26.15

Adaptive Health LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, Instaflex® Advanced. Joining the widely popular Instaflex line, Instaflex Advanced was scientifically formulated in partnership with renowned Doctor, David Katz, and offers fast, powerful joint relief. Instaflex Advanced comforts joints fast, increases flexibility, is gluten free and shellfish free, and can relieve sore joints starting in just 7 days.

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Instaflex Now Available in Canada - 11.16.11

Instaflex is excited to announce that its revolutionary joint relief supplement, Instaflex Joint Support, is now available for purchase in Canada. Starting this month, Instaflex can be found in 170 GNC (NYSE: GNC) stores across Canada. Instaflex, which is the number one selling joint supplement in GNC, is looking forward to continuing its successful partnership with GNC.

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Doug Flutie Joins Team Instaflex - 07.21.10

Instaflex has signed Doug Flutie - former National Football League and Canadian Football League quarterback, founder of the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism and current color analyst for the United Football League - as a brand ambassador for its national marketing campaigns.

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Instaflex Celebrates Gold Card Week - 06.10.10

Instaflex celebrated GNC Gold Card week with further expansion in GNC stores around the country. With over 5,000 GNC stores and co-branded Rite-Aid stores, GNC is the premiere vitamin and supplement retailer in the country. Instaflex Joint Support has propelled itself into one of the top selling joint health products on (Top 5 in Joint Support) and is positioned to move even higher in the months ahead.

GNC will be increasing availability of Instaflex Joint Support into hundreds of more GNC stores over the following weeks. Instaflex Bone Support should be launching into GNC stores and this quarter.

Instaflex Now in GNC Stores - 05.12.10

Introducing Instaflex Joint Support exclusively in GNC stores nationwide allowing our customers even greater freedom to purchase Instaflex where and when they choose. Instaflex Joint Support is now available through GNC stores,,, and GNC's wide footprint insures our customers greater access to Adaptive Health.

Instaflex Announces Partnership with GNC - 04.22.10

Instaflex is excited to announce that its revolutionary joint health supplement, Instaflex Joint Support, will soon be available for purchase in GNC stores across the country and on Instaflex is a revolutionary joint health formula that has been scientifically formulated to help relieve joint discomfort and support overall joint health. Instaflex considers its highest priority to be providing customers with exemplary products, formulated with natural ingredients. Together with GNC's position as a leading vitamin and supplement retailer, Instaflex hopes this partnership will strengthen their standing as a company determined to bring relief and well-being to their customers.

"We're extremely happy to announce our partnership with GNC. Availability in GNC stores will allow our customers greater choices in terms of where they can buy. Additionally it will give us further reach than through our current internet only availability. Based on our online sales and customer requests for retail distribution, we expect to be a top selling product in GNC within a few months" said Instaflex Co-Founder Brandon Adcock.

Instaflex will also be introducing an expanded product line, which will be available in GNC stores in the near future. Using revolutionary formulas with a combination of natural ingredients, customers will be able to purchase Instaflex Bone Support as well as the Instaflex Multivitamin.


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Instaflex Pledges $25,000 to Arthritis Foundation - 02.02.10

Instaflex is an official sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from Instaflex sales, with a minimum contribution of $25,000, are donated to the Arthritis Foundation, the largest non-for-profit contributor to arthritis research in the world.

Visit the Arthritis Foundation

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Instaflex Bone Support - 01.04.10

Instaflex Bone Support, our newest product, is a great product for those suffering with bone density loss. Like all our products, Instaflex Bone Support distinguishes itself with a robust combination of carefully formulated ingredients. This combination approach, which includes six key ingredients, is specially formulated to strengthen your bones, improve bone density, and support natural bone development. A perfect complement to our Joint Support product, Instaflex Bone Support helps promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Carla Overbeck Joins the Instaflex Team - 12.20.09

We are proud to announce the addition of Carla Overbeck to the Instaflex Team. Carla is among the most decorated United States Women's Soccer players. Her illustrious career achievements includes two World Cup Championships, four NCAA Championships, and an Olympic gold medal. A longtime captain of the United States women's soccer team, her leadership and enduring legacy make her a excellent representative of the Instaflex brand.

Instaflex - 10.25.09

The Instaflex Team is pleased to announce the launch of it's flagship product, Instaflex Joint Support. Available through our website, Instaflex Joint Support is promising to rise to the very top of the joint health market.

Rather than relying on one or two components, Instaflex nourishes and rejuvenates your joints with its proprietary blend of eight carefully chosen ingredients.