Vet Recommends These Holistic Ingredients For Canine Joint Support

Recent studies show over 72 million dogs struggle with joint problems. When dogs are forced to live with the discomfort, it can lead to other health issues and quickly erode their quality of life.

That's why veterinarian Dr. Jessica Dreyfuss, an expert in holistic pet therapies and founder and owner of Healing Paws Center, advises pet owners to pay extra attention to their dog's joint health, especially as their pet ages.

It can be difficult to notice your dog's early stages of joint discomfort. Dogs often hide their suffering from us, until it becomes worse. You might notice your dog is slow to rise in the morning. Their walks have become shorter. They're less active at the park.

Eventually, they're limping, eating less, and sleeping a lot more. These are all signs your dog's joints and hips are hurting.

Fortunately, you can rescue your beloved family member from their aches and suffering.

"A dog's mobility is important for them to have independence and enjoy everyday life," says Dr. Dreyfuss. "A dog's joints incur wear and tear from daily activities throughout their lifetime. This only increases the likelihood of developing joint problems."

"But, by choosing a research-based, safe, and holistically formulated joint supplement, pet owners can take a HUGE step towards improving the overall health and mobility of their pet."

When it comes to relieving discomfort and supporting the hips and joints, there are certain ingredients that work better than others.

Here's what Dr. Dreyfuss recommends:

"It's important to look for a research-based formula that provides powerful joint relief AND ongoing support with daily use.

The holistic ingredients Boswellia serrata and MSM utilize different physiological pathways to promote a healthy inflammatory response in the joints. By targeting the source of discomfort, these ingredients are extremely powerful in providing overall joint care.

Equally important is Green Lipped Mussel, specifically the PernaTec™ brand, which is one of the purest, most potent, and most effective forms. It's extracted from the pristine seawaters of New Zealand and is good for healthy joints.

Finally, there's UC-II® Collagen, a patented, clinically validated form of undenatured type II collagen, which has some rather impressive benefits for canine joints.

In clinical studies, UC-II® Collagen was 2x stronger than the standard glucosamine plus chondroitin at relieving joint discomfort for all the activities dogs love. One study showed a 90% reduction in discomfort after physical activity in just five months.

It also provides faster relief, compared to glucosamine plus chondroitin— which could take several weeks or months to show any effect.

Rather than buying all these ingredients separately and trying to feed them to your dog one by one, there is a formula that conveniently combines all four— in a soft, bite-sized chew with a delicious taste dogs love.

It's called Instaflex® Advanced Joint Health Chews for Dogs, and it sets an exciting new standard for canine joint care."

This extraordinary formula provides the following benefits for your best friend:

  • Improves joint comfort, function and mobility
  • Works faster and stronger than traditional formulas
  • Restores a happy, healthy and active lifestyle
  • No soy, corn, wheat, or artificial colors or flavors
  • All in a convenient, soft, daily chewable dogs love

Daily Hip & Joint Support for Dogs
Soft Chews With A Delicious Beef Flavor

Rescue Your Dog From Discomfort

  • Powerful Relief with UC-II® Collagen
  • 2X Stronger than Glucosamine + Chondroitin
    for all the activities dogs love
  • Improves Joint Comfort & Mobility
  • 15-Day Samples Available Now

Instaflex® Advanced! GNC's #1 Joint Reliever Now Available For Man's Best Friend

Instaflex® Advanced Joint Care is the award-winning and #1-selling joint formula in GNC stores, used by so many people around the world for fast, powerful joint relief. Now you can give your dog the same daily support with Instaflex® Advanced dog chews—specifically formulated for your pet!

Introducing Instaflex® Advanced Joint Health Chews for Dogs—a delicious, natural beef flavored, soft chewable. It helps improve comfort, mobility, and flexibility for your dog to sit, lie down, run, and play without the aches.

Instaflex® Advanced dog chews feature the finest quality ingredients, shown in canine clinical studies to boost hip and joint health and relieve discomfort in adult dogs of all sizes and breeds.

  • PernaTec™
  • MSM
  • UC-II® Collagen
  • Boswellia Serrata

"An active dog is a happy dog…" Dogs are active by nature. They're happiest when out running around, chasing a ball, or playing fetch. But just like with people, all this activity can be hard on the hips and joints. And even for less active dogs, being overweight can take a toll on the joints too.

When the joints hurt, behaviors that were once second nature— lying down, sitting, climbing stairs, or playing— now require a lot of effort. You might notice your dog is slow to rise after a nap. They're limping after a short walk. Sleeping a lot. Chewing or licking more. These are all signs your dog could be hurting.

Your dog is an important member of your family, and they're counting on YOU to help them get relief for their joints. Instaflex® Advanced dog chews can help your dog regain comfort and mobility, relieve the soreness and stiffness, and get back to playing like they did as a puppy all over again.

Functional Ingredients In Every Dog Approved Chew

You only want the best for your best friend. That's why Instaflex® Advanced Joint Health Chews for Dogs only contain the highest quality, key natural, functional ingredients for powerful joint support. Our advanced strength formula supports joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility, so your dog can sit, rise, run, and play with ease. There's absolutely no wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors or flavors, or hidden ingredients— just complete transparency.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM):

A compound that's important for healthy joints and hips. It can help lower the inflammatory response that contributes to your dog's joint stiffness and discomfort and help improve quality of life.

PernaTec™ Green Lipped Mussel:

A high-quality green lipped mussel powder harvested from the pristine sea waters of New Zealand. This specific species of mussel is a rich source of naturally occurring bioactive nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, which support healthy joints and cartilage. Unlike other green lipped mussel products, PernaTec™ uses a proprietary manufacturing process that protects the valuable nutrients to ensure the highest potency and efficacy are maintained throughout the entire shelf life— leading to maximum benefits for your pet.

UC-II® Collagen:

A patented form of undenatured type II collagen that supports healthy joints, cartilage, and connective tissue and improves mobility and flexibility. Backed by four canine clinical studies, UC-II® is shown to be 2x more effective than glucosamine plus chondroitin at relieving joint discomfort for all the activities your dog loves. In one study, dogs showed a 90% improvement in joint comfort following physical activity after just 5 months.

Boswellia Serrata:

An herbal extract of the Boswellia serrata tree that's native to India, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. It's been used to relieve joint discomfort and stiffness for thousands of years.

Dr. Jessica Dreyfuss

Chief Veterinary Advisor for Instaflex® Advanced

  • Founder of Healing Paws Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Expert in Holistic Alternative Pet Therapies
  • Certified in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy & Food Therapy

"Instaflex® Advanced for Dogs is a unique, innovative formula that provides powerful joint relief and improves mobility and flexibility in the canine hips and joints. The unique combination of carefully selected, research-based ingredients aid in supporting and improving your dog's joints and overall musculoskeletal health, so your furry friend can enjoy a more comfortable, happy, and active lifestyle."

– Dr. Dreyfuss

Dr. Dreyfuss

Only One Joint Product Is The Clear Recommended Choice

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Joint Health
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Boswellia Serrata
UC-II® Collagen
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Restore Your Dog's Health & Happiness

They're counting on YOU to find relief.

Remember those days when your dog could sit, run, and play without the constant struggle of achy joints and hips? With Instaflex® Advanced Joint Health Chews for Dogs, your best friend can get back to all the fun activities they used to enjoy!

  • Sitting and rising with ease
  • Enjoying a ride in the car
  • Chasing squirrels in the yard
  • Playing fetch in the park
  • Leaping on and off the couch
  • Climbing up and down stairs

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